Sê: Gil do Carmo's new album

Gil do Carmo presents his new album celebrating 25 years of his career. The rediscovery of the intense and brilliant journey of Lucília do Carmo, the singer's grandmother, generates the motto to honor and innovate his work.

With the intention of imagining and reinventing, he chooses a new electronic approach so that an opening of a cycle happens in his career.

A return, through affective memory, to the World, which is ours.

Gil do Carmo's work, always seeks for new challenges, chooses shifting, more technological and irreverent solutions, persuing the perfect equation between music, word and message.

A new different and diversified path is added to the musical history records and innovation . It proposes the inclusion of everything and everyone without any kind of prejudice.

Gil do Carmo, mirroring current times: difficult but creative, daring and prodigious, in that beautiful and sincere Lisbon. Of our Tomorrow.

Be yourself.